Starring Casts Of: Victorious, iCarly, and The Suite Life On Deck.

(Shay Apartment)

Carly: (Walks in) I got the mail!

Sam: Okay.

Carly: (Finds letter) Hey guys! I got back a letter from that contest.

Sam: Let me see that. (Reads) Dear iCarly, you all were chosen to come aboard the S.S. Tipton Cruise to Hawaii.

Carly: Read the bottom.

Sam: Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby are invited. Sam and Freddie get room 3B, Carly and Gibby get 2G.

(Next Day At The S.S. Tipton)

Carly: This boat is awesome!

Sam: Can't argue with that.

Freddie: Look! Tori won the contest too!

(Juice Bar)

Tori: I would like a Bluberry Blitz.

Zack: Coming right up. (Makes Smoothie)

Cat: Bluberry Blitz.

Zack: Coming right up.

Cat: What's that supposed to mean?!?!?!?!?!

Seddie: Walks by.

Tori: Hi Guys!

Seddie: Hi!

Sam: (Leaves)

Freddie: Tori, I've had something to ask you.

Tori: What?

Freddie: Will you go out with me?

Tori: Sure! When, and where?

Freddie: Three o'clock, Friday Performing?

Tori: Okay. (Kisses Freddie) (Leaves)

Freddie: (Faints)

Sam: (Walks in) Freddie, your fainting again. (Leaves at different way)

(Friday Performing)

Tori: Hi Freddie (Kisses him)

Freddie: Hi. (Almost Faints)

Sam: (Runs into Bailey) Hi! I'm Sam. (Shakes hand)

Bailey: I'm Bailey

Cody: (On stage) Everybody, please sit down.

Sam: Oh. (Sits down)

Cody: First is Sam Puckett from Seattle.

Carly: (Sits down) I entered you in the Friday Performing.

Sam: Fine! (Goes on stage)

Freddie: (Smiles)

Sam: *Likes Freddie* (Sings So Close)

Carly, Freddie, Tori: (Mouth Drops)

Freddie: (Starts to love Sam <3)

(Later At Sam & Freddie's Cabin)

Freddie: (Walks in and sits next to Sam)

Sam: So.

Freddie: So.

Sam: (Kisses Freddie)

(To Be Continued