(At The S.S. Tipton, In Sam And Freddie's Cabin)

Freddie: (Sits next to Sam)

Sam: So.

Freddie: So.

Sam: (Kisses Freddie)

(The Next Morning In Carly And Gibby's Cabin)

Carly: (Wakes up) Gibby still isn't here?

(On The Deck A Jet Arrives)

Gibby: I'm here!

Seddie: (Holding hands)

Sam: It took you that long to get here?

Gibby: I had to get the stuff you guys forgot.

Sam: What?

Gibby: Your Fat Cakes, Freddie's computer, and Carly's phone. Second of all, why are you holding hands with Freddie?

Sam: We weren't holding hands. (Punches Freddie in the face)

Freddie: Oww!

(Later In Sam And Freddie's Cabin)

Seddie: (Making out)

Sam: (Stops) Freddie?

Freddie: Yes?

Sam: You need to break up with Tori.

Freddie: Okay.

(After break up, in Sam And Freddie's cabin)

Seddie: (Making out again)

Carly: (Walks in) Hay can I borrow some chan....... I guess not. (Leaves)

(In the hallway)

Carly: That was so weard. (Leaves)

(Tori And Robbie's Cabin)

Robbie: So he just dumped you?

Tori: He fell in love with Sam.

To Be Continued